Cenandu does most of it`s work in English language – as we work with people all over Europe. But our customers are most of the time HR-Strategist, Talent-Developers and Finance people within large German Cooperation, who need an international setting and support.

That is why we just give a short summary about what we do here.

From the beginning in 2002 we are working with our strategic partner Celemi in Malmö in Sweden. Celemi is the designer and creative thinker for learning tools. Celemi is the global leader in the development of “hands on,” interactive, team-based simulations to build business acumen, critical thinking and strategic execution skills of employees, managers, and leaders.

Cenandu has skilled facilitators. We make the simulations become real. We support learning and development of young talents who are in international programs, we support older managers, who are in a challenge of a new strategy, growth by acquisition or a general transformation that creates resistance and stress with employees. We do the transfer, the reflection and make people think and work on their value for their jobs and companies.

The big picture

Our goal is to create a „big picture“ so that people understand more what they are in and what is the expectation. If we talk about strategy it is not to make it – but to communicate it to your own people. Understand and translate it to the level your people need it and help them to open up and embrace change.

We are Facilitators for Learning.

How do we do this? We use visualisation and simulations.

We talk about business and performance indicators you are measured on – we explain what ROCE stands for and not how to calculate the numbers.

We know that most people suffer from complexity. That is why we help them understand the business context by reducing it to a certain way, without making it simple.

We want people to ask and try out, without the fear of losing face. Using scenarios in the board games, we go through theories and concepts well known – but not naming them. We do not teach – we support learning.

If you like to have a deep dive into our mindset of facilitation, please see the video on our block: The ART of Facilitation a Board Game recorded at the ISAGA series of webinars May 2021.

Most of our clients are customers for many years and use the Celemi network worldwide, from Asia to the US and Europe. We are proud to be part of this experience and are even more proud, when your people really love it and ask for our solutions.