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Agile – way to creation in Software

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Reading the news from Nasaga, the American Simulation and Gaming Association, I found the intersting discussion about Agile refering to the conference in May 15-16: Deep Agile 2010, Empowering Teams with Agile Games.

Nasaga asks the question: „As teams embrace Agile, they require new skills and capabilities. There are numerous discussions about technical skills required to consistently deliver iterative and incremental work, but what about the soft skills? How do teams self-organize, collaborate and reflect on their own activities effectively? As Demarco and Lister famously observed, projects don’t fail because of technology problems, but rather people problems.

Agilebazaar says: Agile is an umbrella term for the ideas, principles and practices of an evolving collection of people. Their shared goal is to improve the software development process which is widely understood to be dysfunctional. Agile commonly includes Lean, Scrum, XP and other popular categories. more

One of my first relations to Agile was a meeting in Düsseldorf 2008 by the GPM and I got introduced to the concepts of Mary and Tom Poppendieck by Dr. Mütter. There is a great video about the „Role of Leadership in Software Develpment“ at Google office (1.30 h), where Mary brings the whole discussion in a big picture of behaviour in systems and specially in hierarchical systems. The Video starts with the beginning of project management in 1841. It is all about hierarchy and military organisations. Mission tackticks – how to organise decison making by delegation down. She reflects the development of this behaviour through history and moves to automotive industry and Frederick Tailor.

Very enteraining way to see the mindset of how to work and how to lead. A lecture not only for people after agile, but for all leaders, coaches and project managers to learn.

If you know about games and simulations in this field – would be great to know. Have a look to „Cayenne“ – „Roads of Romans“ on Cenandu page.Agiles Projekt Management – siehe GPM

Ich habe mir Freude den Beitrag von Dr. Jan Mütter im Jahr 2008 in Düsseldorf gehört, anlässlich der Regionalgruppe GPM Düsseldorf. Er hat mich auf Mary Poppendick neugierig gemacht. Dr. Mütter ist beim Landesamt für Statistik NRW. Hier seine Rezension über das Buch . Auszug “ Zentraler Unterschied sind die „soft factors“ wie Teambildung und -dynamik, direkte Kommunikation und die bei sehr großen Projekten häufig anzutreffenden virtuellen Teams. Überhaupt überwiegen die sogenannten „soft factors“ die methodischen und technologischen Aspekte im Projekt bei weitem. Folgerichtig nehmen Betrachtungen dieser weichen Faktoren den größten Raum im Text ein.

Agile Softwareentwicklung im Großen: Ein Eintauche&hellip von Jutta Eckstein

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