Thinking out of the Box

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I like to introduce you to Truida Prekel, whom I met in her hometown Capetown in South Africa this January.

Truida is a member of my network EWMD and I know her for more than a decade. She is very much interested in people development and in change management. When I met her last year she introduced me to Synectics – a system of thinking she learned from George Prince, an US American who has all his live worked on the creative process and was a member of the Invention Design Group at Arthur D. Little in Cambridge. George M. Prince is the retired cofounder of Synectics©, Inc., the company that initiated research into the creative process and then became the leading teacher of inventors for business and industry.

Truida said: He is my big Guru (now 88 or 89 and still researching and writing!). His wife is a sex therapist, and they have written and done programmes together – enriching Synectics with knowledge and understanding of psychology and relationships.

Have a look at George`s web side and read some of this articles published about “Thoughts on

To get an idea – read and use this little exercise on creativity : Tree and a tractor

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