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Everybody talks about energy efficiency in Germany, specially engineers. But there is something you need to do: Get it to the poor, payable. Make it simple, accessable, not by high tech.

There are a three things that make a difference: Education, Energy and Health. If you need to go four miles in the desert to get the resources “petrol” you will use it for cooking and not for reading at night. So there is no education. If you can use the sun as the energy supplier, you have enough energy to cook and to read. This is the step for further development.

There have been big projects using a lot of money for one village. And there is a movement that uses the existing resources: the minds of women and grandmothers. These way hundreds of villages in the world have been electrified, the movement has its base in Barfoot College located in Tilonia, 100 km from Jaipur, Rajasthan, North-India.

Barfoot College in India is all about projects around solar energy, teaching how to build a solar cooker and how to repair it, all done by women without classic school education. Teaching by showing. Learning by observing, doing it yourself, gain the reward from your peers.
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Fascinating the video interview (6 min) with the founder Bunker Roy, Founder, Barefoot College India. He started in 1984. It is all about training women who do night schools to educate children. They electrified villages in India later in Afghanistan. Wisdom spreads – these women train other women and more and more villages are able to use the energy of the sun. One idea was a big success: Training “Grandmothers” who had never left their villages. More than 100 grandmothers came to become trainers as solar engineers.

„Substainabe approach today is to demythify and to dezentralise, this is the only way you can do it.“ Bunker Roy

Video Barfoot in Bolivia (spanish)
Video Barfoot in Africa Tombouctou

I was introduced to this idea by Anke Domscheit, a very active member in my network EWMD, who gave an interview in WDR and mentioned her blog Solarschwestern (geman). Here it is and enjoy reading about her personal life experience in India with the project and more.

And „it is all possible says“ the health expert from Sweden Hans Rosling about poverty in Africa in his  TED video.  You understand that there is a difference if you are a 1 $ household, or a 2 $ household.Bericht über das Barfoot College in India, die durch Training von Großmüttern zu Solar Ingeneurinnen das Wissen schaffen, um ganze Dörfer zu elektrifizieren.
Mehr dazu hier: Betterplace

Vollständiger Beitrag hier nur in Englisch.

Anke Domscheit, eine langjährige Netzwerkfreundin von EWMD in Berlin, hat mich in Ihrem Blog Solarschwestern auf dasProjekt aufmerksam gemacht. Sie berichtet seit Ihrem Besuch sehr aktiv über das College und die Menschen in Jaipur.

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