European Leadership with African Style?

By 5. November 2008 No Comments

Truly successful leadership is founded on a knowledge base influenced by Western, Eastern and tribal traditions, and fuelled by group dynamics, says leadership development guru John Adair. So why aren’t we tapping into it? Very intersting story told by Louise Druce from the community Knowledge Board today. I like very much the three circles with the integration of Tribe Tradition. When I was in South Africa two years ago many african managers talked about tribes. And it is exactly what they ment: Integrity and moral soundness. The big difference in Africa: The tribe chooses the chief, and he/she is educated the whole life. But I have to admit – it is a very male structure and hopefully some African women will help me to find a female perspective to that.

What a shift from the military US perspective of efficiency and effectiveness to the calm leader, who is working like a shepherd from behind. Is there more piece in this symboles? Can we change from war-societies to peace-societies?

Nelson Mandela is such a leader and he has proven in all: Leadership and Humility, Integration and Moral Soundness. A very intersting discussion from a philosophical point of view – which will be discussed in Stuttgart in November 15th. Find more about this www.helene-stoecker-gesellschaft.de

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