EWMD Conference 8 Nov 2008: Innovation in Europe

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Join the conference in Lisbon and meet people who are experts in Innovation from various fields like:

Key speaker from India :
Soumodip Sarkar, Worldwide Specialist in Innovation
Associate Professor of  University of Évora, Portugal

“For long, innovation has been considered the privilege of the few- those with resources to invest in traditional R&D. However there are two important trends that should be pointed out. First is that the erstwhile “poor giants” of China and India, are no longer content with producing goods and services low down the value chain, but are increasingly turning out to be innovation giants. What can we learn? How should EU firms react to this trend?

The other factor is the increasing trend of smart companies to tap into the wisdom of the crowds.     This trend towards open innovation is crucial to understand and adopt. What are the advantages?    What are the risks? What should be the strategy that we should employ to pursue an “intelligent open strategy”?”

Key speaker from Portugal for China
Fernanda Pargana Ilhéu, Assistant Professor at ISEG, Secretary-General of Portuguese – Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Vice- President of EU-China Business Association.

“With globalization, classic solutions don’t resolve our problems, in almost all the issues, which are concerning us like: employment, security, retirement…, so we have to look for different ways, different political solutions, different economic systems, different ways of living, we have to innovate in basic things on life.”

EWMD offers more speakers at the special EWMD conference in Lisbon – 8th November – with discussion and open space sessions, workshops and an audience who is expert in leadership and management. EWMD is a network of women and men in Management in Europe – get an idea of the concept of five pillars. Go to the web link of EWMD

Organiser of the conference: EWMD International ev
Teresa Correia de Lacerda, Portugal and Claudia Schmitz, Germany

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