EWMD Innovation Congress 8. Nov. Lisbon

By 25. August 2008 No Comments

The best to learn about innovation is to get into the uncomfortable zone – to the fringes of your company, of your thinking, of your knowledge. Try out the new and strange, take the risk to feel stupid. This is where you get into the breakthrough challenge. Sounds a bit exotic, but there are a lot of studies out there that find out: If you are not divers in your management team, you will not see the opportunities in the markets. That is why so many complain about boards – that have no women on board, no foreigner and only people who studied at the same universities. Where should the NEW come from? Get the experience and try out the most exotic Innovation conference this year, organised by the exotics themselves: Women in Management. The non-profit organisation EWMD is the host of this congress in Lisbon. Key speakers are men and women alike, who have gone through this experience before. Find more on / Events / Lisbon

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