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Extreme Data – takle the volume

At the Adobe Omniture Summit 2011 in London, main topic was:“Extreme data must be tackled“. Just to get an idea what we are talking about: What is extreme Data? Guess which time we are living in. What is the impact on companies and workers?

„Think about the last decade and how we consume and we engage with everything around us has changed,“ said Brad Rencher, VP of the Omniture Business Unit. „We’ve talked about extreme sports and about digital marketing being our extreme sport. But now there is extreme data.“

He continued: „I love the quote from [Google chairman] Eric Schmidt when he talked about the fact that we’re now creating more information globally every two days than we did up in the whole time to 2003. And I don’t think there is any market that feels that more acutely than digital marketing, as everything becomes measurable.“

„When we started 15 years ago there wasn’t mobile, social or video. As the landscape has evolved and your company has changed, our business has changed. Today we measure 5 trillion transactions on your behalf. With digital and mobile and social within those five trillion transactions it’s clear that the diversity of data streams is going to continue to increase.“

Read full article on knowledgeboard and very interesting the view of the workforce, who needs more efficent tools to cooperate. A study by Alcatel gives some insights- which most of us suffer intuitively anyway.

„It is clear that innovations in consumer communications are impacting exchanges in the workplace. Today, both workers and IT organisations clearly recognise the need for improved communications and collaboration, but both are grappling with obstacles,“ said Arnaud Kraaijvanger, Vice President Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. „Knowledge workers need better tools, and IT departments need easy and cost effective ways to deploy and manage. A key take-away here is that organisations that figure out how to roll out advanced systems will reap tremendous productivity benefits.“