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Games are big business in Cologne – we play your business with games

By 24. August 2017 No Comments

Human-Focused Design. That’s what gurus like Yu-kai Chou (author of Gamification & Behavioral Design) calls it. Gamification is the art of using game elements in non-game settings. The game industry has always known it. Humans have feelings. Humans like being rewarded, affirmed, seen, challenged, get feedback, being surprised, getting happily entertained…

Interactive learning with board games – Foto by Celemi

We can learn a lot from an industry that have spent decades learning how to master motivation and engagement. Absorbing the fun elements in a game (game mechanics, elements and techniques) is what we call gamification.

More and more companies have started to use gamification: to keep people engaged for a long time, build relationships and trust between people, and to develop employee creativity.

Playing with the letters in Gamification, we’ve put together a few tips for you who intend to use…

G – A – M – I – F – I – C- A -T -I -O N…in learning.

G: Goals. Link games to business goals.

Use gamification to achieve business goals. Games are entertaining, but you have a cause – you want to use gamification to support relevant and key content that you wish to convey to learners in your organization.

And, as usual, it is key to define success before you undertake your project.