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Get used to AI with online learning

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Our new learning project on Artificial Intelligence

Many of us want to understand what is coming in the future, particularly related to the future of work.  Artificial intelligence is one of the key enablers shaping our current and future work.

In July, Waltraut Ritter and me attended a conference about AI at UNESCO in Paris, (see my article here) where we learnt about an online course on AI financed by the Government of Finland and created by the Helsinki University with the support of the company REAKTOR.  Finland is Europe’s leader in AI research and development, and they want all citizens to understand the basics about it. More than 200.000 people have already taken the course called “Elements of AI”.

Learning in peers – together

For our management network EWMD we wanted to do more than encouraging others to take an online course, so we framed the course in a way that we added an online discussion and peer group to create a deeper learning experience. After the period of 6 months and 6 webinar-meetings the AI course is completed and everybody can get a certificate from the University of Helsinki for “Elements of AI”.

From a European perspective this is a great initiative, since Europe is in a big catch up mode vis-a-vis AI developments in China and the US. The AI course is now also available in German, and most likely soon also in other languages. For German-speakers, here is an interview with Ville Valtonen of Reaktor in Deutschlandfunk about why they have created the course.

This collaborative online learning programme is in true EWMD spirit: sharing and learning together in and through the network. There are new people coming in this way and get connected. If ou are interested in the European Women`s management development network EWMD – ping us on , linkedin or facebook. We hope to inspire other organisations to copy our way and offer webinars in their own language. Might it be Turkish or Italian, Spanish or Lithuanian. Whenever there are 6-10 people ready to learn together – just start a new group. If you prefer to take the course on your own,  visit https://www.elementsofai.en/

She was ready in two weeks only

I think this is a test-model for the future of companies – as the communication and the transfer is key. People want to talk about it, ask questions and bring in other knowledge they have. Our first online meeting was very good, a vivid talking and ping-pong of issues and stories. The platform with EWMD helps us to have a room to share and add other articles to the library.

Key sentences about AI that stick: “AI is like biology – a giant subject” and I liked the Turing Test – when you really do not know anymore, if you talk to a person or a computer. I enjoyed the fooling with the machine called “Eugene Goostman from Ukraine”, who behaved like a 13 year old boy. See youtube from 2014


Many interactions with computers look intelligent, but they are not. They do not have a consciousness. It is just a system with many behaviours programmed. Driving a car looks intelligent, but it is not. It is driven by many sensors and cameras. But there is no intelligence behind it – not today. What we imagine and what terrifies us is mostly happening in good science fiction films.

Claudia Schmitz Cologne and Waltraut Ritter Hong Kong – both EWMD members