Do Your Employees Understand Your Company`s Strategy and How They Fit In?

Employees who understand their company’s strategy and how to achieve it are motivated to build and grow along with the master plan.Take the story of the three bricklayers: Once there were three bricklayers. Each one of them was asked what they were doing.
• The first man answered gruffly, „I`m laying bricks.”
• The second man replied,“ I`m putting up a wall.”
• But the third man said enthusiastically and with pride, “ I`m building a cathedral.”

The challenge: Big-Picture Vision Drives Performance

Looking ahead and aligning actions to business strategy will focus energy and drive performance. Our facilitators know about the power of emotions, involvement, playing and learning …. and here is why it is so important to do it right:  some sobering statistics:


• Motivating employees to contribute to the achievement of the businesss strategic vision increases profitability 2227 percent over 612 months. Chief Executive Group, “4 Ways to Motivate Employees to Help Achieve Your Strategic Vision,” from a working study of hundreds of their client companies, August 2015
• Fifty-eight percent of employees say their employer is effective at helping them understand how their job fits into the company’s overall goals. Communication Climate Index, The Grossman Group, 2016


• More than half of Americans surveyed (57 percent) said they would perform better at their jobs if they had a better understanding of the company’s direction. Zeno Group, online survey of 1,000 Americans, early 2015
• One third (33 percent) of executives were not confident that their employees could accurately communicate the company’s business strategy to others. Zeno Group, Barriers to Employee Engagement study, 2014


• Forty percent of employees say they don’t get the company’s vision or have never seen it. Additionally only 40 percent of employees strongly feel that their managers understand the company’s strategy or goals. Kelton, Americas Workforce: A Revealing Account of What U.S. Employees Really Think About Todays Workplace, survey, 2012/2013
• Only 29.3 percent of employees could correctly match their company to its public strategy. Timothy Devinney, All Talk, No Action: Why Company Strategy Often Falls on Deaf Ears, University of Technology (Sydney) study, 2013


• Whereas 66 percent of employees say the CEO explains the company’s vision and strategies, only 60 percent say the same about their unit’s most senior executive. Communication Climate Index, The Grossman Group, 2016
• Less than one in five (16 percent) employees thinks senior executives are good at helping workers understand the organization’s vision. Kelton, Americas Workforce: A Revealing Account of What U.S. Employees Really Think About Todays Workplace, survey, 2012/2013

Celemi Solutions Drive Business Strategy

Celemi business simulations bring big-picture strategies to life with realistic and engaging scenarios that help employees understand what they need to do every day to establish a sound foundation, build momentum, and reach new heights.
Cenandu is partner of Celemi since 2002 and we work hand in hand to find a solution to our clients that fits ….

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