Innovation at SUN- set new drivers in Industy

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Sun’s resurgence has to come from creativity, he insists, not just cost cutting. „We’re not in business to save money,“ he says. „We’re in business to ship innovations.“ That is a mission statement and the people at SUN seam to understand what it is all about: Be different and make the first step. The idea is the be quicker in processing and to keep costs down. One of the big costs is cooling the system and use of engery. So try to innovate here. Read the interesting story about new ways of innovation and to set new standards in the industry. Call it the blue ocean strategy …“You can’t find out if you’re right until you take the risk.“ Greg Papadopoulos, CTO, Sun Microsystems in the article of FAST COMPANY June 2007. Read the article

You will get the feeling that strategy and creativity might lead to innovation. This is only possible if the time is right and the customers needs are in focus. Engery is a need and environmental behaviour now reached the super power date bases. Get some inspriation for your own business from that. cs

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