Innovations made in and for India

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There are a lot of discussions going on, if innovation can be simple tools. Most of the European managers believe that innovations are High Tech and based on expensive R&D. This is the technology driven way, but there is another one, the diver of the masses and buyers. In India people cannot afford high technology, but they like to have mobile phones and cars. So the new innovators do not reduce didges from the High Tech to make it cheaper, new innovators create a complete new model. Tata Group in India presented a car at the last fair which will be sold in the Indian market for less than 2.500 US $ and there is a new mobile phone called spice developed in China to be sold in India for less than 20 US $. Imagine – it works. This information was send by Waltraut Ritter, Cenandu Partner in Hong Kong – researching for the Chinese and Indian Markets. The latest article: Herolds and one in German language in Handelsblatt . If you find more examples of new innovation drivers – post it here.

I have to add a very nice quotation from one of my seminar participants, a German engineer: „Ah I do not worry about the Tata-Car – this will never pass the German TÜV!“ – This might be right, but the German Market is obviously not the target group of Tata 🙂

More insight into the Indian market offer the Salzburg University in 3rd April: ICT&S Podium in Salzburg: More than voice at the bottom of the pyramid: Telecommunication for development in Asia. The ICT&S Center invites to the next Podium with Professor Rohan Samarajiva from Sri Lanka. He will be giving a lecture on the topic „More than voice at the bottom of the pyramid: Telecommunication for development in Asia„. The Podium will be in English. More info:

And the Indian Association NASSCOM together with the German BITKOM give a conference in Cologne 17th April to discuss ICT as a global and competitive business with big chances for cooperation. Supported by the City of Cologne, IHK Cologne and others.

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