Insights in Culture, Geert Hofstede

By 16. März 2011 No Comments

Geert Hofstede is a legend and guru in the „cultural“ scene. You can hardly avoid his books and research. He is still very agile and has added some insights to his further findings due to larger polls worldwide during the last 10 years. All this is published in his new book of course. BUT

Alexander Dujak in Vienna together with the network SIETAR has invited Geert to do a WEBINAR and explain his new thesis online to hundreds of listeners. This was excellent. But even more usefull is the documentary about it which is now published online: Imagine 1 h of lecture from Geert Hofstede himself on his book and thesis and you can stop it any time and make notes, do it again …. what a wonderful learning. I recommend this video stronly to any person who works in the field of intercultural training and development, but it is as usefull for managers, who have this experience every day.

Go to the webinar docu
Any comments on your experience to deal with „Culture“ is welcomed.