KM for Service Industry like Hotels

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Specially in Europe the context of Knowledge Management is very much connected to IT and technology in storing information. But this is the first and second generation. Now in the third phase of the development, collaboration and sharing, development of the ability to create new knowledge is the focus.

Alexia Mary Tzortzaki was ways fascinated by the theory of Knowledge but could not understand, why it is not related to very people intense services like hotels. She started research on that and created a multidimensional model of a new focus. She is a Lecturer at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, with a PhD in Management Science. She lived in the UK and is an expert in Marketing and Strategy.

Her book was just published and is available. Easy reading and with a good overview of management itself, about the development of the knowledge community and the transfer into the reality of Greek Hotelery.

Knowledge Management in Service Organizations:
A multidisciplinary model

This book gives an insight on how to transfer the classical knowledge management practices into the world of service, of people working for people. This is far from IT-Systems and data mining. Based on the concepts of Karl-Erik Sveiby and others, Alexia transfers insights to the sector of service organizations. These are small and medium sized companies, most of the time in private hands. Think about hotels, IT-Services, and local banks, these services are evaluated by people outside the company (i.e. their external customers).

When most of the knowledge management is only used inside large corporations without connecting to the outside world, then this has little effect on innovation. The leap in innovation happens when knowledge is transfered from within to the outside and vice versa. This is the difference of the proposed model from other knowledge management models. The result of implementing it in service organizations is the increase of value added to the customer and a more enriched service product.

So this book is for people who like to see the transfer of concepts and the next wave of how to use knowledge management in service organizations.

Claudia Schmitz