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Leadership in board game

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Very special request for me was the call from a large manufacturing company. The HR-Team had decided to do a leadership training with a board game simulation of Cenandu – with the focus on how to manage uncertainty, how to manage people and the team. What made this seminar so special is the fact, that there is an observer for the interaction to watch out for the behaviour of the group. „Get into the mess and get out – but be consistent with our values“ can be the intro for the participants. „It does not matter, if this is our world or not – it can be very different, but we need to reflect on people“, so the briefing.

We planned for Tango. In this board game we have to manage people (employees and customers) and know-how. The challenge is to be true. Keep the promises you make to the customer (to deliver in time in the right quality) and the promise for some high-flighers to get interesting projects and learn something. If you fail, the customer will go and damage the image on the market, and the high-fligher leaves to find a new employer. It is the right scenario for the „war of talents“ which started again on the international personal market. The challenge for the customer in real life is that they have built up front line managers (in production) and they leave.  The other point is the knowledge of how to integrate a new company after M&A. This is a big knowledge-point for future performance and growth of the group. How to share the learnings?

The observer will bring in her feedback to the group and will offer the opportunity for individual feedback after dinner.

The seminar is planned after Easter 2010.

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