Leadership lesson after turnaround

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Today the German Press wrote a long article about Anne Mulcahy the CEO of Xerox Corp and her management style.Last week she was one of the big Top Speakers in Frankfurt at the “World Business Forum”.
The Handelsblatt wrote about it and pointed out three items:

1. Listen to your people and your customers directly, go and talk to them about their idea about your company and products and what they need.
2. The Sales people bring a solution and do not sell a product, this is only possible if you see yourself as a service consultant and not a sales-guy. This is the extra which your customer will honour.
3. Service, which is a kind of ongoing relation to the customer to satisfy him now and in the future, the customer must be delighted about your service. They also pointed out that it is the close relation to the people and customer that avoids power games and miss-use of competence in the company – the customer is the focus and the “therapy”. Find the German article

See her live and get your own idea: Article in english and Video

In December 2004, Anne Mulcahy gave a lecture at the famous Stanford Graduate School of Business. She has a long career at Xerox and started as a sales women. She had been at Xerox for 24 years when she was appointed to the role, she had spent 16 of those years in sales, and much of her remaining tenure as the head of human resources and the chief of staff for former CEO Paul Allaire. On the day that her appointment to CEO was announced, the stock dropped 15 percent. „That was a real confidence builder,“ she joked. But she made it. She learned her lessons well—and aggressively restructured Xerox’s debt, closed divisions and cut expenses. A year later, the company reported an operating profit. She is one of the most wanted speaker about leadership, Service, Customers and turnarounds. “My experience at Xerox has taught me that crisis is a very powerful motivator. It forces you to make choices that you probably wouldn’t have made otherwise.” She said in the speech. Enjoy the 30 minutes with her and see the video. Video File, 29:14 minutes, Video File, Question & Answer Session, 26:00 minutes