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Learning Journey India 2009

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India Chennai-Ponticerry With my manager network EWMD we had done a learning journey to Shanghai in 2007 and the next place to visit was India. We had all the same problem: We had no idea of India – and we all had these terrible stories of miserable places, begging children and of course diseases that make you sick for a lifetime.

With the help of Waltraut Ritter, our India specialist in EWMD, we designed a programme for our learning journey. it was ment to be a trip for experiantial learning of yourself (in a new situation), of India as a place, of business in India (more or less IT-companies) and of knowledge managers in companies in India.

We finally went with a group of 13 women, all brave and extremly curious about learning new things. We tried out the local transport systems, from the 3 wheel taxi to the Mumbai Train – Ladies department. And we had an open program, ready to change it if a better opportunity would occur. So we met a business man in the airport lounge and he gave us a short introduction into his business: Micro finance. Or the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce – spontaniously invited us to his friend who had started a college for Bioscience. We tried to be in the flow … getting really in contact with people.

There are some interesting photos of this trip – public in flickr (50 pictures)

08 India Mumbai 9 Jan 037 India 2009
Impressions on Flickr (public)

Specially I would like to thank the owner of Diamond Group in Chennai, who made it possible for me to visit the workshops and see steel engineering in India.

Steel Engineers in India
Flickr (not public)

And there are some more articles – written right after the experience – full of insight, emotions and respect.

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