Learning to think strategically

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While discussing with a friend in Amsterdam about a real good book about Strategy, she went to her bookshelf and gave me the book of Julia Sloan, an ex McKinsey consultant. „This is really good“ and brings light behind the walls. Reading „Learning to think strategically“ I found out that she unmythifies Strategy. Julia Sloan does not repeat the old stories we learn for the last 20 years, but bings in the reality: Complexity Theroy, Learning and informal learning, Experience stage, the role of dialogue, Intuition as a must/have for learning, pattern regognistion, reframing etc. Of course she is also talking about Decision making the traditional way and the new way, which she calls integrated strategy. The points out the f ive critical attributes: Imagination, Broad Perspective, Juggle, No controll over, desire to win.

I think that it comes out very clearly that we need to use all our five senses to grasp the dimension of a field we want to do an action. Thinking strategicly is to foresee the result of an intervention from inside or outside. This is complex and has different loops. To get a learning in this is to observe.

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