Peter Block – new book about Community

By 11. April 2008 No Comments

If you do not know Peter Block, have a look at his blog and understand that he talks about deep feelings, that drives people (or not). Now he moves away from the CEOs and busy managers and looks to another field of being and life: Community. If you ever have been in a network you might feel that he is right. There is a need of belonging.

Here is a part of the interview to give you a fieling: „We pay too much attention to leaders and CEO’s so I would not worry so much about changing their minds. I would just leave them alone because they’re very busy. Plus if you want to create an alternative future, leaders are not in a good position to do this. They are often helpless to really bring about change. Everybody thinks that leaders are essential and the way we construct leadership is too small a version of what they are; the leader’s main job is as a convener of new conversations and to bring peers together, it’s not to be role models. It’s not to be the answer.“

There’s a lot in the book about leadership as convener and developing in leaders the skill that used to be hoarded by facilitators – you might say it’s a facilitative form of leadership. It gives more attention to listening, to asking questions and to bringing peers together than it is to being the surrogate parent we’ve been looking for all our lives.