Real Leadership requested

Do you offer real leadership trainings – not only simulations? Yes I can do that – I answered my colleague from Sweden who is looking for a new program for a client. But I try to find out what is the customer’s understanding on “ Leadership Training “ and what is the company’s need for leaders in the future.

A good comment on Leadership and what companies need from their leaders was described in an article of this week from FASTCOMPANY – which refers to the latest study about leadership from IBM. Their highest ranking was creativity! Wow – is this a new word for Innovation (which has been used all last year?). If you mean having a new look at thinks, think systemic and out of the box, there might be some new in it. In this article I was shocked by the figure of the numbers for Europe. Not only do we lack engineers, but as CEOs and managers. It is interesting to read and see (livestream video of IBM about Leadership – the new study in a new way)

Do we need to change the way we learn about Leadership? Are the standard Leadership Programs offered by the business schools too old, to stiff and more about strategic planning, thinking, models, tools approach from traditional learning?  I like very much the video from Charly Fiorina – Ex-Ceo of HP, who spoke to students at Stanford in 2007 about Leadership.

Leadership is about 3 Things:

  • capability  (ask, answer) >Customers always know whats wrong.
  • collaboration (smart, fast, intense)
  • character (learn, responsibility)

I think she makes the real point: Listen to the customer!

OK – this is not the credo of Steve Jobs – and can all companies copy his way of creativity?  Like some exchange here – talk to me.

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