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Culture and Gaming – Osnabrück 22-23 October 2015

By 8. Oktober 2015 No Comments

Networking is key if you are in a field where learning and development needs new impulses. Specially if you work with simulaitons – you need to see them in action and experience them – to see the quality, the impact on participants and potential to use them. You also need to do experiements yourself – and that is what good networks are for. I enjoyed a great international conference already in Japan this year and now I am looking forward to a Dutch/German meeting in English in Osnabrück. Guests are invited – please come.

Culture and game - Parzifal DelftTwice a year the SAGSAGA offers her members and guests, in the German speaking countries, the opportunity to meet at a network meeting. This October we organized this meeting together with our sister organization from the Netherlands SAGANET. The meeting stands under the topic: “culture and gaming“. We get a fabulous response on our call for papers and are now able to offer a very attractive program. Rens Kortmann will present his Parcival project – a journey into the uncharted territory of theatre and games or we discuss the experience to use simulation games in cultural mixed student teams. This discussion will be present by Thomas Temme (Hochschule Osnabrück),Sebastian Schwägele & Daniel Bartschat (ZMS, DHBW Stuttgart). The workshops and lectures will be held in German and in English.

In the second part of the network meeting we will start a discussion about the “self understanding” of SASAGA. As an association which brings together companies, trainers and scientists it is important to define our position in the growing field of playing, gaming and simulation. So one question we want to discuss, will be: “ It´s very nice to be member of the (closer) SAGSAGA family, but why I am investing my time in such kind of meetings? Is it, because I want to see old friends or to push the idea of simulation and gaming into the public? Will we be an interesting player in the field?” Such kind of questions we want to discuss 2015/ 2016 with our members and develop so the SAGSA further into the future. So if you are in Europe at the 22th and 23th October, your are invited to join our network meeting in Osnabrück. You found further information’s about the program under the following link: