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Social Networks and Web 02 – it is fun if you try

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What is the Web 2.0 movement all about? Well a progression away from the traditional top-down models of mass communication (where the opinions of a few are disseminated to millions) towards a new model of communication that emphasises user-generated content on sites like You Tube or Wikipedia and blogs (read more).

This article was placed at the online newsletter of the University of Cape Town in March 2008 – provided by my dear friend Truida Prekel.

There are more courses also in Asia, Hong Kong: Waltraut Ritter is running one: Value and Knowledge Networks, a practical workshop on managing relationships in knowledge organisations

And do you already Dopplr?
Dopplr is an online service for frequent travellers and nomades! It was created by an international team of world travellers. They saw a need for this kind of service, but discovered that no one was offering it. So they did it themrselves, and are delighted that other people are liking it as much as they do. I also joined and can see the tripps of my friends who are inscribed there – so the match might tell me: Waltraut is in Delhi in June und you miss her by one day.

Social Networks are not theory, they are very much practise. If you get an overdose, just delete the link and you are free again. But Plaxo reminds me of the birthdays of my business partners, even if I never asked them for that. Great service.

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