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Simulation of the Climate

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What is next after Copenhagen?  Some people try to keep the ball roling.
Create simulations, make it visible, learn about system dynamics:

The Climate Interactive team, led by Sustainability Institute, delivered big results in Copenhagen at the UNFCCC’s COP15 climate conference. Have a look at this pages „The Climate Scoreboard“ and see the simulation C-Roads.
Origin by Substainability Institute, MIT Sloan School of Management and Vendata Systems, the simulation builder.

The Climate Scoreboard uses the C-ROADS simulation to calculate the long-term climate impacts of proposals under consideration in the negotiations to produce a global climate treaty. Embedded Scoreboards automatically update as the deal improves. Watch the video (top right corner) for background and explanation of features. To see recent changes to the Scoreboard, click on the log link at right. Note that Climate Interactive’s calculation shown in the Climate Scoreboard „widget“ and graphs relate to proposals by countries and country groups. They are not assessments of the state of the „Copenhagen Agreement“ as formally convened by the UNFCCC.

The substainability Institute was founded by Donella Meadows, a system analyst and one of the early developpers of simulations for The „Club of Rome“ – famous for the book: „The limit of growth“ 1972.

What is the state of the global climate deal in 2010?

See the creator, John Sterman,  in action: Presentation of the already large scope for action to cut greenhouse-gas emissions, and the positive economic impacts from doing so. The video reports about  July 2009 Conference of the International System Dynamics Society in Albuquerque, New Mexico and facilitated by John D. Sterman of the MIT Sloan School of Management and Kris Wile of Systems Thinking Collaborative.

Do not miss the page: world climate and see other videos on