The Sustainable MBA

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Giselle Weybrecht was a  specialist at UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme. She argues that business schools have a key role in preparing the next generation of business leaders to make sustainability the norm. That is why she made interviews and wrote a book for MBA students. She said: „If we want to see changes in the future, we need to start educating the leaders of tomorrow today. Every year that another class graduates without the appropriate knowledge to bring sustainability tools to their companies is another opportunity missed. Show people that they can make a difference without necessarily getting a job with the word sustainability or green in their job title. Sustainability should be taught as it relates to what is currently happening in the business world. Over 120 interviews later, I realised that there were many challenges to be met before sustainability could truly be mainstreamed into MBA programmes.“

When I found the information about the new book of Giselle Weybrecht, I wonder why this is only for students and MBAs – we need this in every corporate seminar related to supply management and economics. So I recommend this book to trainers, developpers of people in organisations and all who like to understand more about sustainablitity in society and business.

Gisell said in Global magazine of EFMD: „When I started my own MBA after working for many years on sustainability issues at the international level at and with the United Nations, students and alumni approached me because of my experiences in this field. They were interested in doing something more with their lives; they wanted to “make a difference” but they also wanted to know about work  opportunities and what their interest in sustainability could bring them. Because many students did not feel they were receiving enough sustainability teaching, I started a project in my second year to examine why such courses and ideas were not being taught and how they could be better incorporated into the MBA experience.“


The book The Sustainable MBA is organized like a business school course – allowing you easy access to the relevant information you need about sustainability and Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Operations and Strategy. ISBN 978-0-470-74114-6 • Hardback • 400pp,  €20.40

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