Trend in Food Industry – Hypermarket

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The EDHEC Research and Development Department of the EDHEC Business School in Nice – publishes in their newsletter the following topic: „What is the Impact of New Technology on the Marketing of Food Brands?“
As points of sale become increasingly digitalised, a number of retail experts are contemplating to what extent online shopping represents the future of retail and whether it could potentially dethrone the conventional hypermarket and supermarket formats. They point out the link between an ideal shopping environment and customer expectations, which is broken down into different levels:

  1. the search for pleasure from experiencing the product or shop atmosphere (hedonistic orientation);
  2. the search for convenience, saving time or money (utilitarian orientation);
  3. or the search for environmental and social responsibility (ethical orientation)An analysis of this data highlighted six client segments based on their ideal shop choice for different types of food. Read the full article


As I am more and more frustrated about the quality of the organic food – I was inspired by a friends remark to order the organic food fresh from the local fields in a box delivered to your home. It is a local service called ida-abo.

You are ordering a box in a defined rhythm like every week and select the structure of the food in the box. Only vegetables, mix of your needs, bread and butter included. Select individually, define your profile and get the food for a fixed price. I think that is charming …. more in German about ida