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You need more than a plan – how to make it happen?

By 29. April 2017 No Comments

A lot of managers ask themselves if you can learn how to make a strategy and if you can really train it. The best is in practice as it is too complex and there are too many issues that matter. Yes – true – but making this experience in reality can kill not only the manager but the whole company. So why not learn in a simulation, like all pilots do?

What companies do: First they want to grow and the quickest way is to buy another company who has assets, customers or knowledge you need. But the next step is to integrate it and make it work as one. “But then there’s the whole infrastructure behind it, and this is the most important piece. Without the processes that help you manage and execute that strategy, it’s all just ideas that go nowhere.” More in this article

To implement a strategy is not to do one step after the other, but to balance changes in at least 7 areas at the same time, one impacting the other. And there is no tool to help you, it is a question of balance.

But there is more than to know what could happen to the business and your financial results – what will happen, if you communicate it to your people?

7S framework to challenge your strategy before you communicate it

A very nice framework for that is the nice old 7S model of McKinsey – which gives you at least a perspective of 7 fields to think about. What would happen here, if you strategy is communicated? Where is resistance? What do we need to change? What implications does it have?

A lot of questions to be answered, but before all that, you need to have a strategy that is not only in the “air”, but written down and understood. It is a long process to involve them all, at least the ones who to make the decision and to announce it. You need more than a financial figure as a goal. There needs to be a vision, how the company looks like in five years time: “Who is our customer than, what is the service or product we offer, how and through which channels do we supply? And of course – why do we do this: Where do we earn the money?” The vision should cover these topics to give answers and explain why. Why is the most critical issue. If you need inspiration to it – use the TED talk video of Simon Sinek as millions have done.

But the main point: To work on this you need head and soul – this is all about the future of a company and of people, and it needs to work with figures and emotions. If you are unable to communicate the strategy, you create fear, resistance and passive behavior – so work on both sides, hard and soft facts. Happy Strategizing !